Why blog about school finance?

On the surface the idea of blogging about school finance can sound boring. However, school financing is probably one of the MOST important topics out there related to the future...of not only our schools...but the future of our students, their families, and our entire community.

It's critical that every member of the Spring Branch Family is informed about what's going on related to funding and budget matters for public education and the Spring Branch Community. It's one thing to talk about the numbers, but it's another to see the direct impact those numbers have on the day-to-day experiences our students and educators have in the classroom.

The purpose of this blog straight forward. When finance or budget "facts" and "figures" are being talked about, we'll share the details behind all the meetings, actions and headlines AND the results. This blog has open commenting and we encourage you to participate. If you agree, disagree or have another opinion entirely, feel free to share.

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